Stage 1

Details of Stage 1

Date: 1st Sept, 2018 onwards – Online

  1. Online Assessment for all Participants (each member of the group will have to take the assessment)
  2. Questions on Assessments will be based on “Aptitude, Base SAS®, Data Science Awareness & Statistical Knowledge
  3. Free E-Learning will be provided to each participant on all SAS® Subjects in the assessment
  4. Participants will be provided with Verified SAS® Badges (Participant Badge)
  5. To Practice, students can download SAS® software – University Edition from provided link
  6. Top 80 team will proceed to Round – 2

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What kind of questions should be expected on Assessment

Questions of Assessment will be based on

  • Aptitude
  • Base SAS®
  • Data Science Awareness
  • Statistical Knowledge

Should the team be from same College / Institute?

NO, there is no restrictions in formation of Group, however members of the Group should be from Same “Category”

Can I participate individually

YES, you can participate. However we encourage you to form a group as Stage 2 will require Group participation to solve the problem statement

Where will be the Assessment held

Assessment will be held Online. You will need a computer / Laptop with

  • Updated Web Browser (Google Chrome Preferred)
  • Internet Connection

Will Assessment be individual or group?

It will be an individual Assessment i.e. each member of the group has to give the Assessment.

What is the duration of Assessment and number of questions?

The test shall be of 45 mins with 60 questions

What is the Internet bandwidth required for Online Assessment?

2 MBPS should be sufficient

How can I check if my system has all necessary software’s for Online Assessment?

You need an Updated Web Browser (Chrome Preferred)

How will I know if I have cleared the Assessment?

After 2 days of Assessment, you will receive an Email / Notification in which we will inform your assessment score and Eligibility for Stage – 2

Samples Assessment questions with Options

Which can be described as a common goal of statistical modelling ?
a) Inference
b) Summarization
c) Forecasts
d) Predictions

As a CAO , you want to pick a data scientist for your organization. Five candidates have equally strong technical skills and statistical know-how , which additional trait you would prefer:
a) Research experience
b) Scientific Approach
c) Domain expertise
d) Communication and Organization skills

Which of the following may involve lots of graphs and pictures?
a) Descriptive Analytics
b) Inferential Analytics
c) Predictive Analytics
d) Prescriptive Analytics

What is the second argument in SAS substr function ?
a) Position
b) String
c) Length
d) Separator

What is the probability of selecting a prime number from 1,2,3,… 10 ?
a) 2/5
b) 1/5
c) 3/5
d) 1/7

A bank collects data for its online visitors and their online viewing patterns on web site. Which technique might be appropriate for analysis of such data ?
a) Cluster Analysis
b) Factor Analysis
c) Association Rules
d) Regression Analysis

Distribution of Questions in Online Assessment

Aptitude – 30 questions
Base SAS – 10 questions
Data Science Awareness – 10 questions
Statistical Knowledge – 10 questions

1st Runner Up


Cash Prize INR 1,50,000/-

Verified Winning Badge by SAS


Cash Prize of INR 2,00,000/-

Sponsorship to travel to US to participate in Global DAC forum

Verified Winning Badge by SAS

2nd Runner Up


Cash Prize INR 1,00,000/-

Verified Winning Badge by SAS

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