Problem Solving!

Details of Hackathon

Eligibility Critera

  1. Participant should be a student pursuing Graduation or Post Graduation.
  2. The degree being pursued by the participant should not be a distance learning degree.
  3. Working professionals who have completed their Graduation or Post-Graduation in 2019 are also eligible for Hackathon.
  4. Last date for registration is 29th September.

Stage 1

Date: 2nd October, 3pm to 5pm 2019 – Online

  1. Online Assessment will be conducted for each participant
  2. Questions will be based on Aptitude, Data Science Awareness & Statistical Knowledge
  3. Top 80 teams will proceed to Round – 2

Stage 2

Date: 10th & 11th Oct, 2019 at NMIMS Mumbai Campus

  1. Participants will have to visit NMIMS Mumbai Campus for Round 2 & 3
  2. Participants will have to choose from 5 themes around which their problem statements will be centered. These themes will be chosen on a first come first serve basis.
  3. They will be provided NMIMS Lab equipped with Python and R Software to solve the problem Statement (Internet Access will be provided)
  4. Participants will be given 24 hours to solve the problem statement
  5. Participants should submit all the observations to the Jury at the end of round 2
  6. Jury will provide marks to each group after submission. Top 5 teams (one team from each theme) will proceed to Round 3





Stage 3

Date: 12th Oct, 2019 at NMIMS Mumbai Campus

  1. Participants will be asked to give 10-15 minutes presentation on their findings to the Jury members
  2. Jury members will rate the participants and will select Top 3 Winners
  3. Prizes will be distributed on last day of the event 

1st Runner Up


Cash Prize INR 1,50,000/-



Cash Prize of INR 2,00,000/-


2nd Runner Up


Cash Prize INR 1,00,000/-




Your Visit to NMIMS

  • For Stage – 2, participants should visit NMIMS (Mumbai Campus)
  • The address of NMIMS Campus is Vaikunthlal Mehta Road, Vile Parle West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400056
  • Here is Google Map Link 
  • For Participants outside Mumbai, Accommodation & Food will be provided
  • After arriving, you will have to register yourself at the Helpdesk.
  • You will be explained the “Problem Statement” by the Jury and the competition will begin at 16:00 hrs
  • You will have 24 hours to solve the problem statement
  • The competition will be held in NMIMS Lab equipped with all necessary softwares, hence it is not necessary for participants to carry Laptop
  • Food & water will be provided to the participants during competition

FAQ's about Hackathon

Sample Assessment questions with Options

Which can be described as a common goal of statistical modelling ?
a) Inference
b) Summarization
c) Forecasts
d) Predictions

As a CAO , you want to pick a data scientist for your organization. Five candidates have equally strong technical skills and statistical know-how , which additional trait you would prefer:
a) Research experience
b) Scientific Approach
c) Domain expertise
d) Communication and Organization skills

Which of the following may involve lots of graphs and pictures?
a) Descriptive Analytics
b) Inferential Analytics
c) Predictive Analytics
d) Prescriptive Analytics

What is the probability of selecting a prime number from 1,2,3,… 10 ?
a) 2/5
b) 1/5
c) 3/5
d) 1/7

A bank collects data for its online visitors and their online viewing patterns on web site. Which technique might be appropriate for analysis of such data ?
a) Cluster Analysis
b) Factor Analysis
c) Association Rules
d) Regression Analysis

Distribution of Questions in Online Assessment

Data Science  – 15 questions
Statistical Software – 10 questions
Aptitude – 14 questions
Logical Reasoning – 1 question

What is the duration of Assessment and number of questions?

The test shall be of  30 minutes with 40 questions

How many attempts each participant will have?

Each participant can give assesment twice between 3pm and 5pm. The average score of both the attempts will be considered as final score of the participant.

What kind of questions should be expected on Assessment

Questions of Assessment will be based on

  • Data Science
  • Statistical Softwares
  • Arithmetic Aptitude
  • General Aptitude
  • Logical Reasoning

Should the team be from same College / Institute?

NO, there is no restrictions in formation of Group, however members of the group should be satisfy the eligibility criteria

Can I participate individually

YES, you can participate. However we encourage you to form a group as Stage 2 will require Group participation to solve the problem statement

Where will be the Assessment held

Assessment will be held Online. You will need a computer / Laptop with

  • Updated Web Browser (Google Chrome Preferred)
  • Internet Connection

Will Assessment be individual or group?

It will be an individual Assessment i.e. each participant has to give one Assessment.

What is the Internet bandwidth required for Online Assessment?

2 MBPS + should be sufficient

How can I check if my system has all necessary software’s for Online Assessment?

You need an Updated Web Browser (Chrome Preferred)

How will I know if I have cleared the Assessment?

After 2 days of Assessment, you will receive an Email / Notification in which we will inform your assessment score and Eligibility for Stage – 2

What will be provided for the Championship

You will be provided with
a. Internet Connection
b. Computer (NMIMS LAB)
c. Python, R Software
d. Sleeping Bags
e. Food & Refreshements
f. Accomodation

What is the nearest Railway Station to reach NMIMS

Ville Parle

What should I do once I reach the Campus

Registration desk will be available at the “Atrium” for Signup’s. Further instructions will be provided from the desk

What is the time duration for the Stage - 2

The time duration to Solve the problem is 24 hours!

When will you declare results of Stage - 2

Results will be declared on 12th Oct Morning

What is the method of Evaluation

The Evaluation process will be shared at the day of event by respective Authority

What is the duration of Presentation

Each group will be given 10-15 minutes for presentation

What should be the content of presentation

The presentation should contain their Problem Solving approach, method & codes… Kindly save all files and entire process. The more efficiently you are able to present you findings, the greater your chance to win the Championship

What happens after the presentation is completed

After all the Groups have given the presentation, jury members will decide the winner and prize ceremony will be held at the end of the event



Results have been declared. Visit Event Details tab for the result.